The mandate of the Department is as follows:

Initiate develop and prioritize agricultural projects and programmes, and to coordinate the planning activities of the various Departments within the Ministry.


The Department is structured as follows:

  • Collaboration and Partnership (C&P) Division;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Division;
  • Planning, Policy and Programmes (PP&P) Division;
  • Research & Statistics (R&S) Division; and
  • ICT Communications Services (ICT) Division.


The mandate of the department is as follows:

  • Initiating, formulating and coordinating policies in the Agricultural sector;
  • Coordinating, monitoring and evaluating activities in the Agricultural sector;
  • Maintaining a comprehensive and up to date database on the agricultural sector;
  • Facilitating strategies and implementation plans for national food securities and sustainable livelihood;
  • Conducting socio-economic research and feasibility study on agribusiness undertaking;
  • Coordinating the implementation of the Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP) Framework and the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition intervention;
  • Coordinating Agricultural Policy development analysis and implementation;
  • Coordinating data/information collection, processing, management and dissemination in the sector; and
  • Facilitating computer training and information technology support.

Director P&PC: Ibrahim Bello

Departmental Email: [email protected]