Research and Statistics (R&S) Division of the Planning and Policy Coordination department (P&PC) was established in the Federal Civil service  by Decree No.43 of 1998 to carryout the responsibility for corporate and strategic planning, conducting research activities and keeping statistical data and information in Federal civil service (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development).

Objective of the Research and Statistics Division

The main functions of the R&S Division includes to;

  • Research into the internal organization and operational modalities of the Ministry in areas of mandate of the FMARD.
  • Research team inspecting facilities of a food company Ogun state.
  • Collation, compilation/analysis of data and statistics relating to the Ministry in line with her mandate.
  • Research into policy options of the Ministry.
  • Study of project/programme proposals from MDA’s and advising Government appropriately in areas of interest to the Ministry.
  • Data gathering on areas that affects and concerns Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD).
  • Relate with relevant agencies outside the Federal ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development such as (NBS, NAMDAS, NAERLS, etc.) Research and Statistics matters etc.

Other Activities and programmes  of are:

  1. Annual Nationwide Market price intelligence study on Agricultural commodities.
  2. Agricultural Data/statistics provision for interested Ministry, MDA’s, government parastatals, private organizations on official request.
  3. Conduct of Statistical survey across Agricultural Value Chains to research into impact and assessment of  policies implementation activities of the Ministry.
  4. Tarrif Technical Committee activities.Mr ITODO Head of Research unit of the Division delivering a presentation on research findings.