Following the approval of the Permanent Secretary of Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to embark on the Monitoring of 2020 Projects, a three member Team was constituted to carry out the exercise from 30th November to 3rd December, 2020.  This report represents the findings in Nasarawa State.

Team Members:

  1. Mr. Samson Agbor –           Team Leader———-
  2. Mrs. Mbanu N.G –           Member ———-
  3. Miss. Rachael –           Member————-


The sole objective is to;

Obtain first-hand information on the current status of projects and quality of work done.

Terms of Reference:

                                    The monitoring exercise was guided by the underlisted Terms of Reference developed by the Monitoring and Evaluation Division:

  1. Assess the progress and quality of work done.
  2. Evaluate the present Status of infrastructure and other components of the project
  • Assess the physical status of the projects implementation/determine percentage completion.
  1. Examine if there is any deviation contrary to project specification as awarded and report early for prompt management response.
  2. Use of designed monitoring template, questionnaire, photographs and video coverage for accurate documentation purposes.
  3. Use of Android phone to snap projects
  4. Activation of GPS system in the phone
  5. The picture should cover a landmark around the project.
  6. Brief interview with the community leader and collect his phone number.
  7. Identify challenges/constraints to effective implementation and recommended appreciate measures towards actualizing the desired goals of the projects.
  • Examine any other issues relevant to the projects and make recommendation.


On-the-spot assessment as well as interview with village Heads and residents were the methodologies adopted in assessing the current status of projects as well as its impact on the respective community. On arrival at Nasarawa, the team through the help of the state Coordinator, the Monitoring and Evaluation officers (M&E) and the office Engineer, inspected/assessed the projects meticulously from one location to another.

            Various communities expressed satisfaction on the project delivery and thanked the federal government for the gesture.   The team further took pictures of the various projects.


     The Team was satisfied with the quality of job done by the contractor and When interviewed, the Ward Heads confirmed that they were impressed with the projected brought to their community.

       The monitoring team also observed the following;

  • In most of the sites visited, Project signboards are not seen, which makes it difficult for identification and ownership.
  • Pipes of the 1No Solar Powered borehole at Giza community, Keana LGA are leaking.
  • Cost of buying fuel is very much, the Agwada community suggest they would like to convert the treatment plant from using diesel to using electricity. Challenges/Constraints:
  1. It is important that Technical Departments who implement projects should take steps to explain to the benefitting communities the issues provided in a contract and appeal to them for co-operation rather than leave the contractors to the mercy of the communities. In this instant case the contractor had a rough time contending with the demands of the host community who wanted additional structures not contemplated, by the contract.
  2. M&E Officers should be carried along on project execution in the state.
  3. 14 projects as listed above have not commenced in the state, as the contractors haven’t reported to site.


  1. The Monitoring Team wishes to confirm that the quality of the project delivered was of a very high standard and conformed to the provisions of the Bill of Engineering measurement and we therefore wish to recommend the contractors for payment.


      The Monitoring Team wishes to express its gratitude to the Management for the opportunity to carry out the exercise.


Photographs taken at the project sites are attached to this report in view of the need for Evidence-Based Assessment Report.