1            The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) organized a 3-Day training on Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) for selected officers of Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD).

2       Participants were drawn from M&E Division, Research and Statistics Division Of Planning and Policy Coordination Department(P&PC) and Project Coordinating Unit (PCU) for the exercise.

Aim and Objective of the Training:  

To achieve improved effectiveness on monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development through enhanced work efficiency and increased technical capacity.3

3.         Opening Remark:






The IFPRI Country Program Manager for Nigeria, Hyacinth Edeh welcomed all participants present and admonished them to take advantage of the opportunity to learn and understand the international best practices on the subject matter for the purpose of cascading the knowledge gained into two immediate activities namely:

I.       Step-Down Training (SDT): The participants must organize internal training of M&E staff in all departments of the Ministry with the enabling support by the Management of the Ministry.


II.      Development of a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for the Ministry: In line with the National Agricultural Technology and Innovation Plan (NATIP) already adopted at the 44th National Council of Agriculture; Participants are to immediately begin to develop a very comprehensive and effective M&E Plan for the Ministry.

The Training on Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL)

The 3-day training was facilitated by a team of resource persons namely: Mr. Tunji Fasoranti, the Country lead M&E for IFPRI Nigeria and Dr. Malomo, a project management expert with FMARD-PCU. The sessions were very educative, interactive and technical with practical segments.

The Training overview.

The overview of the training was to the aid the following:

  1. Understanding Basic Concepts and principles of M&E
  2. Understanding the four stages of M&E System
  • Development of Monitoring & Evaluation Plan
  1. Understanding types of M&E Framework how they are developed.
  2. Performance indicators, Baselines, and Targets.
  3. Data collection and Presentation for Decision Making.

The above listed training overview were properly delivered in a highly interactive classroom arrangement as it relates to the projects and programs of the Ministry.


         Note that  the Country Program Manager of IFPRI suggested that the trained participants should serve as the pilot team to translate the output of the training into a desired outcome for the ministry through a program of internal Step-down training (SDT) of other M&E staff/desk officers across all departments of the ministry in order to bring every department at the same level of understanding/practice of M&E and pledged the continuous support of IFPRI to back the developmental processes of the learning program where necessary.

Secondly, the Country Representative of IFPRI further emphasized on the task of designing a standard M&E Plan to guide the implementation of the National Agricultural Technology and Innovation Plan (NATIP) with November 2021 as deadline for the accomplishment of the assignment to be carried out by the trained participants with adequate necessary support and approval by Management of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Recommendations/Way Forward

Knowing that Agriculture has remained the most sustainable key interest area of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s Administration we therefore recommend that:

  1. 5 -10% of the annual budget for FMARD should be allocated to Monitoring and evaluation and impact assessment of all the Programs and projects of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as a standard practice.
  2. FMARD should provide necessary support and approvals for the immediate internal training of all M&E staff and desk officers in all departments of the Ministry by the trained participants.
  • Management of FMARD has approved the report  to ensure compliance and cooperation of all department in the Ministry in the entire process of development of a standard M&E Plan for the Ministry especially in area of relevant information sharing and data gathering and other necessary inputs and activities.
  1.    All departments were expected to have a clear work plan that will be useful in development key performance indicators (KPI’s) relevant and in line with their mandates and useful for reporting vide approved validated templates.